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Creative workshops

"Let your creativity speak"

An original Team Building activity for companies,

but also a workshop to offer yourself privately or to live with friends!

Creative workshops

for companies

Atelier de peinture avec Aro Artiste Peintre Team Building Creative workshop Aro Abstract painter

A turnkey formula

dynamic and original

To stimulate your team's cohesion and communication skills, the creative workshop “Let your creativity speak” is the perfect activity for your company!

Investing in the personal development of your employees will allow you to improve the level of engagement of your employees and create a better sense of belonging to your company and to you, the employer. Also, your employees will be able to rediscover themselves in a friendly context and create memorable corporate memories.

In full day or half-day formula, several packages are available to you according to the needs and challenges you wish to address. All the artistic material is provided and your employees leave with their creation!


Price per person, depending on the package chosen.

Creative workshops

in private or with friends

Reconnect with yourself

to discover your creative process!

Aro accompanies you in a 3-hour workshop in private (or with your friends) to create an artwork. You can discover all her techniques and secrets. She will answer all your questions.


All the material is included, snacks, drinks, gifts and you leave with your creation and everything you need for hanging.

No need to know how to paint to fully experience the workshop. The goal is to reconnect with yourself, to discover your creative process, to live in the present moment.

Take time for yourself!

In addition to this, you will need to know: the creative workshop with Aro is the right activity to let go and find your inner balance.


Private: $ 250 + taxes

In a small group: $ 175 + taxes per person

Team building avec Aro Artiste Peintre Creative workshop Abstract Art Aro Artist Painter


Artiste peintre professionnelle Aro Artiste Peintre Emerging artist to discover Abstract Art Artist Painter Aro

Maryse Fabien,
Structura Group

Caroline ... you gathered us around a table to live "the experience of collaboration"! A word that I underline through my numerous exchanges with business people ... This time, I experienced another dimension of the collaboration with a painting on the table ... and several women around !! You guided us with your professional approach, your charisma, your beautiful attention and above all your inspiring mission! The team has achieved something of which we will always be very proud! Well done and thank you!

Sylvie Laroche

Nice activity of creativity. You don't have to be an artist to fully enjoy the experience. I think I discovered a passion that was sleeping in me, thank you to Caroline for your support, we will surely come back!

Catherine Mainguy, Access Council

Caroline is an artist and an inspiring woman !! Accompanied by my colleagues, our workshop allowed me to discover my creativity, to abandon myself completely and simply to enjoy the present moment !! An extraordinary afternoon, which transports us to the universe of creating. To get away from daily office occupations, what better way than to let creativity flow and hang your own artwork. So rejuvenating!

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